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Goped GSR Pro-Quad Propane Powered Cart

Goped GSR Pro-Quad Propane Powered Cart

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Patmont Motor Werks Celebrates It's 25th Anniversary with NEW clean burning Four-Stroke Go-Ped models. PMW is proud to announce it's co-branding collaboration with LEHR Incorporated (www.golehr.com), inventor and producer of the award winning clean green propane powered four stroke engine. The peppy, efficient and quiet 25cc 1 HP four stroke engine was chosen to power the new 25th anniversary PMW product line which starts off by featuring the new environmentally friendly GSR Pro-Ped Sport scooter and Pro-Quad pocket fun kart. Due to this amazing propane powered four-Stoke engine technology, LEHR propane powered products have recently been awarded the EPA clean Air Excellence Award, Popular Mechanics 2009 "10 Most Brilliant Products" Breakthrough Award, and approval endorsements from the California Air Resources Board (CARB), and the Propane Education Research Council. Needless to say, these products meet or exceed all EPA and CARB emission minimums, and are legal for sale in California and anywhere else most internal combustion engine products are sold. Though arguably as good for the environment as the electric powered GoPed product line, the Propane Powered GoPeds with similar performance are significantly lighter in weight and more affordable. They use the very simple to use 16 once propane canister found at most hardware, and camping stores. Just "Twist and Go"! The added benefits in this new propane four-stoke are, no choke or priming is required to start and clogged carburetors as well as the need for mixing of fuel is eliminated. 97% of particulates and 96% of carcinogens are eliminated compared to a traditional gasoline powered four stroke which explains the many important and prestigious awards. Additionally, clean propane fuel does not act like a solvent as does gasoline, so crank case oil is not quickly contamination which lessens the need for frequent oil changes. The excellent power from this small package is developed by the 110 octane of propane fuel found in an average 16.4 Ounce propane canister. Just like the electric powered GoPed products the new PMW Propane Powered product line helps to reduce dependence on foreign oil, as 90% of American Propane is made in America! Now everyone can be part of the "Eco solution" with the Propane Powered GSR Pro-Ped Sport portable transportation Go-Ped scooter or the safe and fun Pro-Quad Pocket Fun Kart.
Weight (dry)45.2 LBS
Folded HeightNA
Handlebar Height
Weight Capacity400 lbs
Top Speed21 MPH
Running Durationup to 1 hour per 16.4oz propane canister
Engine Typesingle cylinder air cooled 4 stroke
Engine Size25.4cc
Output1 HP
Ignition TypeElectronic
CarburetorChoke-less all position
StarterAuto Rewind
LubricationSEA 10w-30 oil
Crankcase oil capacity1.7 FL Oz (50ml)
FuelPropane 16.4 Oz canister
Drive systemProQuad Kart Axle........ball bearing mounted live axle
BrakingCaliper to tire sidewall/engine compression
Tires6" diameter replaceable solid rubber "never flat"