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Goped 800 Spindle Long

Goped 800 Spindle Long

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High Performance Long drive spindles The long drive is as it sounds, longer than the shorty and designed to ultimately seat into a 3rd bearing support. This comes with everything you need for immediate and simple installation. Compare the 800 size spindle to the stock sport size 625 and you will see 30% increase in size which means a larger spindle is turning the same rpms which means you go faster. This is definately a case where MORE SIZE is a good thing up to a point. We at Edge recommend that the largest spindle diameter you should use be an 800. Any larger and your off-the-line performance will suffer. This is a knurled steel spindle not that cheezy stock replacement spindle that quickly wears down. This is the most cost effective and simple way to gain greater performance from your ped and provides up to 5 mph greater top-end speed. This is a high performance item for your Sport, Xped. Also great to convert your Liquimatic. (Long Drives do not fit GEO SPORTS but Shorties do!)

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