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Sikk Bikes -
Introducing the new Sikk Bike. Our newest product is great for fun or transportation. At only 32 lbs it is extremely strong and durable for kids or adults..
The seat and handlebars are adjustable for any size rider and are removeable for portability and storage.

Our new 22cc two stroke engine delivers 1.2 hp at top speed of 18mph. It offers great dependability and all parts interchange with the Zenoah G23LH so there are hundreds of aftermarket performance parts already available. Check out all the parts and accessories for gopeds - All of these can be used on your Sikk Bike!

Quick Click Drive Engagement System allows engine to idle while not in motion. Hand lever operated front disc brake plus rear foot brake pedal. The rear suspension and 10 inch pneumatic tires provide great handling and performance.

Sikk Bikes available in four colors: Black, Red, Blue and Yellow.


Go-Mix™ 2 stroke oil packets. Get the right mix everytime with Go-Mix. Handy tank size squeezes directly into your scooter tank and then filler-up with high test. Essential for on-the-go gas-ups! Available in convenient 12-pack quantity for tank size and 6-pack for gallon size mixes.



Sikk Bike Replacement Tires and Tubes. We carry replacement tires and tubes for your Sikk Bike which you can order directly from the links below. They are the same as the Goped Big Foot Tire and Tube. Please note that each item below is a price per unit. If you need (2) replacement tires or tubes please change the quantity to (2) after you select the link.


Headlights - improve the saftey and visibility of your scooter with these high quality bright lamps for your scooter. Easy to install.




Edge Sports recommends that you always wear appropriate safety gear when using any extreme sports product. Also, please note that the installation of high performance gear during your warranty period will void the manufacturer's' warranty.

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