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Dirt Surfer

$779Viza 33cc Dirt Surfer - Where the road ends, the fun begins! The stand up ATV trail blazer that challenges your skills and senses! The Viza™ Dirt Surfer off-road motorized mountain board is powered by a 33cc 1.7 hp engine. 9 inch tires coupled with handheld throttle and brake controls provide a smooth and controllable ride. This thing screams FUN!!


VARMINT 97 cm- "Rider anywhere, anytime, over any surface - this board is a wild varmint ready to ride over any surface YOU can handle." This board is best for smaller riders aged 5 and up. The weight limit should ideally be for riders who are under 150 lbs. but the Varmint is tough enough to support larger riders. The younger skaters will dig this board for it's super light weight design. At only 10 lb.'s this board will launch younger riders far and fast. An awesome entry level stick at an even more awesome price.


LiteCamb Pro Comp 117cm – Our second lightest and most affordable Board! The 2001 LiteCamb Pro Comp features our new Composite Deck offering increased flex for high performance riding. The Pro Comp decks offer active energy technology providing more boost in your ollies and smoother landings. The LiteCamb Pro Comp is 117cm and weighs in less than 15 pounds! This board is the ultimate in freestyle boards and is the perfect ATB for skaters crossing over into ATB riding. Simply stated, at our low prices you cannot afford not to add this board to your collection. Bindings come pre-mounted freestyle. Also included are an ATB Instructional Video, FreeFlex Bindings, Leg Leash and Toolkit.

Use the LiteCamb Pro Comp with one of our traction kites!!


UniCamb Pro Comp 117cm – This board is the favorite board of many of our Pro Riders. It is a lightweight uni-body (frameless) design and a sweet choice for freestyle ATB riders who want big air and a really tough board that'll land "burly" jumps. The 2001 UniCamb 117cm Pro Comp features our new composite deck  offering increased flex for high performance riding. The Pro Comp decks offer active energy technology providing more boost in your ollies and smoother landings. . Also included are an ATB Instructional Video, Leg Leash, Suspension Dampeners and Toolkit.

Use the UniCamb Pro Comp with one of our traction kites!!


Slalom 132cm – The all-purpose "Slalom 132cm ATB screams versatility; the 132cm length is able to mix it up with both freestyle trick riding and race inspired downhill carving. The do-it-all board! Also included are an ATB Instructional Video, FreeStyle Hard Bindings, Leg Leash, Suspension Dampeners and Toolkit.


Use the Slalom 132 with one of our traction kites!!


Giant Slalom 152cm – One step on the Giant Slalom 152cm ATB and you'll immediately begin searching for that ultimate asphalt, grass or dirt slope!. 152cm of stability is ready to carve turn after sweet turn. If you're looking for high speed and long turns this is your board. Also included are an ATB Instructional Video, FreeStyle Hard Bindings, Leg Leash, Suspension Dampeners and Toolkit.

Use the Giant Slalom with one of our traction kites!!



The quickest way to get addicted to Kiteboarding is to pickup one of the following combo rigs.

Each of these rigs features the Mongoose 117cm Litecamb ATB for maximum manueverability and control.

Choose from Skatewing and kite combinations. All of which will move you over the land and sometimes up, up into the air all powered by the wind!! Please be careful and use good sense and good safety gear at all times when enjoying your extreme sports!!



Deep Carve System DSC Flowlab Longboards are the ideal boards for downhill carving and snowboard simulation. Pull one behind a go-ped and you feel like you're wake boarding!

THE FLOW- Flowlab is a new type of carveboard that turns your street into freshly groomed powder. Whether you're riding downhill or just cruising around, the patented 14 wheeled Deep Carve System (DCS) allows you to carve with the rhythm and flow of snowboarding and surfing. Most skateboards reach their turning limit at about a 25 degree angle. With Flowlab Skateboards, you'll flow through 45 degree turns with the edges of the board almost kissing the pavement. Most skateboard trucks use rubber bushings which add unnatural resistance in a turn. With Flowlab Skateboards, no bushings mean zero resistance in a turn and smooth, fluid transitions edge to edge. Designed to control speed by carving, these boards are a great alternative to lift lines, long drives to the mountains, and the summertime blues.

DECK STYLE: 7 ply maple deck with griptape. Symetrical design with sidecut and reverse camber. DIMENSIONS: 42", 36", 32" long x 10.5" wide WHEEL SYSTEM: 64mm x 24mm standard aggressive profile wheels. Bent hardened steel El Arco axels. Hard closed cell neoprene MR. MOJO RISERS isolate vibration of the street from the feet for a cushioned ride.


GULL WING PRO SERIES TRUCKS - Gullwing TrucksGull wing Pro Series II 9.5 inch trucks. (single truck price shown) The best trucks on the market bar none! We use these babies for our own offroad skateboard and offer them here for you as well.



XTREME SKYCLIPS FOR OFFROAD OR ON - Skyclips! These are the arcs that hold your feet in place on the board when traversing rough terrain or flying high, Perform endless aerial variations... 360's, Ollies, Tweak Airs etc. Available in black.



ATB Drum Brake for Litecamb - Our Brake Kit is outfitted with a DRUM BAND BRAKE SYSTEM. The brake is handle with a lever (like a bike brake handlebar handle) . The High Impact Brake Handle has a sturdy Nylon Webbing Loop that attaches to your wrist to prevent dropping. Our Brake cable is heavy duty, durable & flexible with protective frame fasteners to avoid damage to brake housing connection.


ATB Leash - Coiled Urethane leash w/velcro closures 


ATB Spring Inserts - Suspension Dampener Inserts - Urethane Inserts – Set of 4. (3) sizes to choose from 2.9 cm, 3.5 cm and the 3.9 cm Monster Spring Inserts. Our new Monster Spring Inserts are insane! These MONSTER SIZE Suspension Dampeners are 3.9 cm tall and are way thicker than our standard 2.9 cm and 3.5 cm ones.

ATB Replacement Tires & Tubes - Set of (4) Tires and Tubes in the following styles are all available:

Air Line (4) Tires & Tubes 

Big Knobby (4) Tires & Tubes 

Saw Tooth (4) Tires & Tubes 

Turf Tread (4) Tires & Tubes 


Mongoose Mountainboard TShirts - Mongoose ATB T-Shirt - An awesome t-shirt to wear while carving and jumping your way to the podium.


Edge Sports recommends that you always wear appropriate safety gear when using any extreme sports product. Also, please note that the installation of high performance gear during your warranty period will void the manufacturer's' warranty.

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